Live Free - Die Free
Fuck Progressives and Progressivism

What's the definition of a Progressive? Someone who is more than willing to give you the shirt ... off someone else's back.

A typical oxymoron is two words: "Tolerant Progressive". However, one-word oxymorons are possible. An example? "Progressivism". Think not? What is Antifa, then? Progressive? Or Regressive?

White Privilege

Is the left right? Since I am a Christian, heterosexual, conservative white male, am I the undeserved beneficiary of White Privilege? Hell, no. I have deservedly earned my "White Privilege" status because other white males and I have created the greatest country in the history of the planet: the USA. Now that we white males are sharing power with non-white, non-males, the USA is fast becoming a deep shit pit. Since so, non-whites, non-males are not earning privileges but deserved condemnation. One earns a privilege via creating. not mindlessly destroying.

It goes without saying that, in this context, "White Males" is not a physical skin color or a sex; rather, it includes anyone of any variety who opposes mother-fucking Progressives.


Trump: What a world leader looks like. Obama: What a Hollywood starlet looks like.

What did the Nazis like to put on their hot dog buns? Anne Franks.

Hey, did you hear about the dwarf phychic who escaped from the slammer? Yea. The headline read "Small medium at large".

Whatdaya call black NFL players who take a knee during the playing of the national anthem? African-anti-Americans.

If hyperbole didn't exist, neither would the Democratic Party.

Obama's 2 AGs: Holder, Eric; Lynch, Loretta. Hey? What do the first letters of their names spell?

Hillary: A greedy, graceless grifter,

Fuck you in every orifice, Never-Trumpers, and fuck you, too, in new orificies specifically created only to be fucked

Donald Trump is America's first wartime president in the Culture War.

Trump is winning. He's winning. It's incredulous that politicians who value winning over all else don't recognize that Trump is winning, and emulate being him. To paraphrase Patton, Americans not only value winning, but smash-mouth politics, also.

Why a Web Page? Why not Facebook? Or a Template-Rich Blog?

Why not? It's fuckin' obvious. The tech giants (ie, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Amazon, et puke) have begun censoring the Web. As of yet, they can't censor shit on individual domains.

Progressivism Is Totalitarianism

Progressives seek to silence speech not deemed properly PC (Progressive Compliant).

Fucking asshole George Lakoff, Prof at Berkeley:

That's why hate speech imposes on the freedom of those targeted by the hate. Since being free in a free society requires not imposing on the freedom of others, hate speech does not fall under the category of free speech.


Q: Does the First Amendment protect speech that invites violence against members of the campus community?

A: In Brandenburg v. Ohio, the Supreme Court held that the government cannot punish inflammatory speech unless it intentionally and effectively provokes a crowd to immediately carry out violent and unlawful action. This is a very high bar, and for good reason.

Technology companies (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Totalitarian societies do likewise.

Thus, Progressivism is Totalitarian.

Why do Progressives reject individual liberties? The "Perfectibility of Man" is a core Progressive doctrine, but said perfectibility comes with a price:

Progressivism is intimately tied to modern liberalism and the politics of the welfare state, which holds that the transformation of society can only be achieved by a centralized government that has sufficient power to remake society ...

As an example, in order to transform society, Progressives need to establish universal Pre-K, to inculcate in the impressionable young transformative ideas like "The joy of experiencing all 56 different pronouns".

Continuing with the cite:

Today, progressive ideas are especially prevalent in international politics. Liberal internationalists and neoconservatives ... believe that if democracy and capitalism are spread through the world, peace and stability will be much more likely. Here again lies the underlying assumption of progressivism: evil is the result of a poorly organized world. Reorganization of the world in accordance with progressive ideas will usher in a new age of freedom, equality, and peace.

So, Progressivism embraces "democracy" and "capitalism", eh? If so, then the EU is more democratic and capitalistic than its member states were before the EU was established. Proving that is a harder task than proving Progressives are tolerant.

Progressivism Is Evangelical Relativism, and Definitionally Anti-Science

Progressive deny that sex differences exist, but science proves otherwise. The scientific evidence here is overwhelming and incontrovertible. Even a half-hearted attempt at critical thinking regarding the biological theory of Evolution forces the conclusion that sex differences are real and immutable. In essence, Progressives reject Evolution. Evangelical Christians reject it, too. Thus, Progressivism is Evangelical.

Besides, Satan is a lesbian feminist.

The entire article 'Feminist' Study: Objective Truth, Scientific Method Are Sexist is worth reading, but one excerpt from a paper written by a feminist, University of North Dakota's Laura Parson, nearly says it all:

. . . the STEM (ie, Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) syllabi explored in this study demonstrated a view of knowledge that was to be acquired by the student, which promotes a view of knowledge as unchanging. This is further reinforced by the use of adverbs to imply certainty such as "actually" and "in fact" which are used in syllabi to identify information as factual and beyond dispute (Biber, 2006a; 2006b). For example, "draw accurate conclusions from scientific data presented in different formats" (Lower level math). Instead of promoting the idea that knowledge is constructed by the student and dynamic, subject to change as it would in a more feminist view of knowledge, the syllabi reinforce the larger male-dominant view of knowledge as one that students acquire and use make (sic) the correct decision.

What? "Knowledge" (and by implication truth and reality) are "constructed by the student"? Nice.

Male: Reality is and facts are. Feminist: Reality and facts are mere social constructs which can be redefined to conform to a feminist-defined and feminist-imposed reality.

Think not? Again, Laura Parson:

This study was framed through the lens of poststructuralist feminist thought to provide a lens through which I explored how power is gendered ... Poststructuralism "rejects objectivity and the notions of an absolute truth and single reality," and "knowledge is complicated, contradictory, and contingent to a certain social context and historical context".

Why do Progressives reject reality, facts, and science? Progressives dominate Hollywood, a fantasy factory. They also dominate academia, a utopia factory. Thus, Progressives dwell in fantasy utopias, not reality. Science resides in reality, not in utopian fantasies. Progressives reside in the self-constructed, virtual world of their minds.

Progressivism as ideology: "You will never ever be able to understand the least little jot, tittle, or iota of my absolute reality".

So. Progress is each of us constructing our own universe, different from all other universes? Progress is being almost unable to communicate with each other because each word means something different in each universe? Progress is terminal solipsism? Progressives claim this is progress? Sorry, but I can't conceive of anything more Regressive.

Progressives believe "Gender is a Social Construct" ...

Social constructivists propose that there is no inherent truth to gender; it is constructed by social expectations and gender performance.

... due to this supposition:

Social constructionism is the notion that people's understanding of reality is partially, if not entirely, socially situated.

Ah, it all makes sense now; current Progressive dogma is: Reality is a social construct.

Progress to Progressives, then, is the replacement of science, reality, truth, objectivity, and facts with whatever feelings dominate this very yoctosecond.

We need to stop these mother-fuckers.

Hate Elevated to Winnie the Pooh Status

The Southern Poverty Law Center labels any group not sufficiently extreme Progressive as a hate group, thus identifying themselves as extreme left. If the SPLC values fairness and accuracy, they would rename themselves Socialist Progressive Liberal Communists.

Who Should Blacks Fear?

Now, metrics. First, data.

According to Slate, White extremists (their term) have killed 74 since the Oklahoma City bombing on April 19, 1995.

According to CNN, Chicago suffered 762 murders in 2016. According to the Chicago Tribune:

Over the Labor Day weekend, Chicago hit that tragic number: 500 homicides. Nearly all of those killed were black men, shot to death in alleys and on street corners by other black men.

Doing a Google search on "1995 current chicago population" and estimating the numbers from the graph, Chicago's population has averaged about 2.8 million since the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995.

Doing arithmetic on US population 1995 thru 2017 (data available everywhere), average US population during those years was 297 million.

Second, math; rounded, not precise.

US population since 1995 is 100 times greater than Chicago's population since 1995

The number of years Slate detailed White extremists murders is 20 times longer than the one year 2016 of Chicago's murders.

Let's assume 740 of the 762 2016 Chicago murders were of black men committed by black men. This 740 figure is 10 times bigger than Slate's 74 murders.

Multiplying the 3 figures derived above yields:

100 X 20 X 10 = 20,000

Third, let's use the 20,000 figure in a sentence:

A black is 20,000 times more likely to be killed by a fellow black than a Nazi.

If Black Lives Matter is concerned about black lives, they should be marching and protesting against themselves.

Dear Leader Was Such a Font of Humor

During the Obama administration, comics complained that they couldn't think of any good jokes about Obama.

Hey, did you hear Obama has read nearly up to page 4 in "Being President for Dummies"?

Hey, did you hear that, 2-1/2 or 3 weeks ago, Obama didn't put his finger through the toilet paper?

Did you hear Obama was so irate over Trump's 09/19/2017 speech to the UN that Obama took fewer than 10,000 selfies 3 DAYS IN A ROW!!

Hey, did you hear the PGA is going to name a golf course after Obama? Yep. The Wavering Pines course in Folly Beach, South Carolina will be renamed Total Fucking Disaster.

Hey, did you hear somebody stole Obama's identify? Yep. Now that person is a totally clueless, ruthlessly incompetent son of a bitch.

Hey, did you hear what Obama wants for Christmas? 1,000 selfie sticks.

Due to difficult but fruitful research, it was discovered that 72 of Obama's dogs died due to homework poisoning.

How do you spell "asshole" backwards? A-M-A-B-O.

Obama values third-wave feminists as the new KKK: Krazy Kooky Kunts.

What's the difference between Barack Obama and a heaped, putrescent, maggot- & rat-infested mound of fatally toxic animal offal? Barack Obama is not heaped.

Dozens of Mainstream Media guys have torrid bromances with Obama, to the point where they fantasize about giving Obama a bro-job.

How many Obama's does it take to screw up a light bulb? One.

Obama, a Jewish rabbi, a Muslim mullah, and a Catholic priest walk into a bar. Obama reaches over the bar, grabs the shotgun, and kills the rabbi and priest.

Compared to Obama, Nixon is like a two-year-old toddler telling his first lie.

Obama believes that Global Warming is so bad they'll soon need scuba gear on Everest.

Obama, a narcissist, a sociopath, a congenital liar, a vainglorious do-nothing, a hubristic, self-centered prick, a lazy, good-for-nothing ne'er-do-well, an uninformed ignoramus, a sissified beta male, a raging egotist, a non-entity-except-in-his-own-mind with a breathtaking lack of accomplishments, a serial gaffe-prone, mistake-ridden naif, an amoral postmodernist with no discernible character strengths, and a total, complete fuck walk into a bar. Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha!!! Fooled you!! Fooled you!! You thought multiple persons walked into the bar. Nope, only one.

The Rich Pay More Than Their Fair Share

Do the rich pay their "Fair Share"? (© Copyright Eternity by Progressivism's Confiscation Of All Property Antifa subsidiary). Well, from Forbes's list of The World's Billionaires, access date 12Sep17, summing the 10 richest US billionaires yields:

1)   $85.4 - USA - Bill Gates

2)   $83.6 - USA - Jeff Bezos

3)   $82.3 - Spa - Amancio Ortega

4)   $76.6 - USA - Warren Buffet

5)   $71.7 - USA - Mark Zuckerberg

6)   $70.2 - Mex - Carlos Slim Helu

7)   $63.7 - USA - Larry Elison

8)   $59.1 - Fra - Bernard Arnault

9)   $52.5 - USA - Charles Koch

10)   $52.5 - USA - Charles Koch

11)   $45.4 - Fra - Liliane Bettencourt

12)   $44.4 - USA - Larry Page

13)   $44.3 - USA - Michael Bloomberg

14)   $43.3 - USA - Sergey Brin

         $639.5 billion

From the White House Office of Management and Budget, estimated 2017 federal government expenditures from Table 1.1 - Summary of Receipts, Outlays, and Surpluses or Deficits (-): 1789 - 2022 will be:

          $4.061 trillion

Spending per month will be:

          $338.5 billion

So, if we confiscated the wealth of the 10 richest US billionaries, we'd finance the federal government for not quite two months for only one year. After all, if we confiscated everything the 10 richest billionaires had, they'd have nothing more to confiscate, right? Ergo, what would Progressives confiscate next year?

Now that I've led you to water, drink this: Is the entire "Fair Share" argument complete fucking bullshit?

(Yea, yea, yea. There's are many things wrong with the economics inherent in the above 'billionaires' argument, but you don't wanna go there. If we imposed economic rigor on the argument, the Progressive position would be even more untenable.)


Cain McGore